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Promote Our Book Fair!


Hello CAW Members & Friends,

Above is a small advertisement for CAW's April 9th Book Fest at the Adult Center of Prescott.

Before we ask for a helping hand, I want all members of CAW to know; all CAW book-selling events by local authors are fully paid for by the participating authors.

Now for the Helping Hand request. :-)

If possible, we would like you to post the attached Invitational Ad, designed by outstanding CAW member Maria Lynam, on your Facebook Page and any other media groups you may belong to. (And please, don't be shy, ask your neighbors and friends to repost on their media sites.)

The more local people and groups we reach out to, the better the odds are for a successful Book Event for our Local authors.

And the absolute best thing you can do to make this Book Fest a roaring success is to:

Rent a bus, gather up enough neighbors, family, and friends until the bus is full. Shut the doors of the bus and drive everyone over to the Adult Center of Prescott. Let everyone out, After about an hour at the Adult Center of Prescott, allow all your family, friends, and neighbors to get back on the bus; but only let them back on the bus if they show you they purchased a book or two from our local authors.

Thank you all for your helping hands,

Pat Fogarty

Central Arizona Writers

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