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October-December 2023 Events

All meetings at 6 p.m in the Founder's Suite of the Prescott Library, except for Open Mic at 5:30

October 24 Meeting, Cover Design by Lewis Agrell
The well-known local Graphic Artist and Cover Designer, Lewis Agrell. Lewis will give a PowerPoint Presentation on the importance of creating great covers for specific genres. He will show examples of how certain cover designs work to improve sales and he will demonstrate how bad covers will make a reader leave a well-written book on the shelve. Lewis will also show the difference between covers made by using a vendor's cover-making program and hiring a professional cover designer.

November 28, 2023, Writing Instructor Kristen Kaufman
Our speaker will be Yavapai College Writing Instructor Kristen Kaufman. Kristen’s topic will focus on "Breaking Down and Explaining: How To Create a Storyline for a Novel or Short Story.” Creating and following a well-organized Storyline is essential and helpful for anyone who writes Novels or Short Stories.

December 26, 2023, Open Mic Night
Due to enthusiastic participation by the public at our past Open Mic events, it is necessary to reserve your spot. We recommend participants limit their reading time to 4-8 minutes. Submit your name and reading time requested to

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