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Join us! Our dues are $35 per member; $40 per family for two or more writers in a the same household. Checks to CAW may be sent to:

Central Arizona Writers

P.O. Box 975

Chino Valley, AZ 86323

Checks can be made out to Central Arizona Writers, CAW, Professional Writers of Prescott or PWP. We are registered in Arizona and with the federal government for the use of all names.

CAW provides 12 monthly presentations on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Prescott Library at 6 p.m. We gift our speakers $100 and the library gifts another $50 to the speaker.

All CAW events at the Prescott Library are free and open to the community.

We also provide four weekend Literary Workshops at the Prescott Library. When funds are available, we gift our Workshop Presenters $200 for a 2- to 3-hour literary workshop.

Since the nascent days of the Covid situation, we have lost more than half of our dues-paying members. No CAW funds are used for book-selling events for our authors. Nor are any CAW funds used to sponsor Non-Literary CAW Community service events for the public at the Prescott Public Library.

Alternate Membership Levels for Patrons of Central Arizona Writers

Platinum Membership: $100 includes the annual dues of $35 and a $65 donation to defer expenses.

Gold Membership: $75 includes annual dues of $35 and a $40 donation to defer expenses.

Silver Membership: $50 includes annual dues of $35 and a $15 donation to defer expenses.

Bronze Membership: $35 is the suggested dues for full membership. No matter the type of membership, all collected dues make the presentations and workshops possible.

It should also be noted, that regardless of the metal token color, all dues-paying members receive the exact same membership privileges.

     *Twelve monthly presentations at the Prescott Library on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

     *Two of the 12 monthly Prescott Library are “Open Mic” events. We do this to give our authors and poets a chance to share their writings with our members and the public.

      *Four 2-hour Saturday Workshop Classes per year at the Prescott library. Topics and dates for these Literary Workshop/Classes will be posted in the CAW News Letter  3 months before each Saturday workshop class.

     *A Quasi-monthly CAW Newsletter to keep you informed of CAW events. Upon request; Free Advertisements for all members. Send a business card or an ad for your writings or Commercial Business and it will be included in all future CAW Newsletters.

If you would like a link to your website, blog or business card to appear in the CAW newsletter, send the link, image or image of your business card with your request to

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