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Pacific on the Right: Two Pilots, One Airplane, a Lifetime of Memories

"Pacific on the Right" chronicles the journey of Curt Pierce from Arizona to Chile. His flight student, Miguel, bought a new plane, and instead of shipping it down to his home in Chile the two made the flight together. The 6,760-mile journey through 11 countries leaves them under house arrest in Peru, landing in a restricted military base, crossing paths with a fleeing President―and much more. Recalling exotic locales, colorful characters, international cultures, and unfamiliar foods; Curt, now a commercial pilot, tells us about the adventure of a lifetime. His mother, Anne Pierce, a CAW member, co-wrote the book with him.

The presentation will cover how authors write memoirs, the pros and cons of writing as a team, and explain the difference between a memoir and an autobiography.

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